Entree Burger Recipes
Don't you love finding new ways to cook the foods you already love? Look no further - our Glenmark entrees are sure to have your family dancing in their dinner chairs. With dishes like Burger Stir Fry and the Horseshoe Hamburger Sandwich, these recipes take an innovative approach to the classic burger, offering you and your family more of what they already love.
Gourmet Burgers
Looking for something special tonight? Try one of our tantalizing gourmet burger recipes and take your burger to another dimension. Spice things up with our Carne Asada burger, or take a trip to the Mediterranean with the Greek Burger recipe. How about having breakfast for dinner? Our Fried Egg and Bacon burger will be just the thing to satisfy your craving. No matter your culinary mood, these unique burgers are guaranteed to please.